Cloud Applications

Help Life Application

Help Life Application is designed and developed to manage the crowd funding activities to serve the needy people. This application will be useful to the people who can raise the funds for particular cause as well to donors who are willing to help the people by donating the funds. This can manage multiple campaigns to raise the funds and the perfect platform to the people to help the society by donating the funds what they can do.

Strategic growth, higher performance, lower costs, & speed!

Moving to the Google Cloud Platform provides a great opportunity to achieve strategic growth, get the best technology has to offer in terms of performance, reduce costs, and do it with great speed. As your partner we will help you adopt Google Cloud Platform and scale for success. Our Certified Google Cloud Developers and Cloud Architects have a comprehensive approach from evaluation to execution, with immediate results. We will partner with you for long term sustained success.

Google Cloud Platform enables developers to build, test and deploy applications on Google's highly secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure.

App Engine is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for building scalable applications

  • Suited for building scalable web applications and mobile backbends
  • Makes deployment, maintenance and scalability easy so that you can focus on innovation.
  • Autoscale workloads
  • Free daily quota
  • Usage based pricing
  • SDK's for development, testing and deployment
  • Java, Python, PHP and Go are supported.

Kubernetes Engine is a Hybrid option which is open source and built for a multi-cloud world

  • Container Cluster Orchestration System - fully managed system for running containers
  • AAutomates deployment, scaling, and operations for container cluster
  • Eases Application Management - workload portability and persistent storage
  • Makes Applications more elastic - multi-zone clusters, load balancing and autoscaling
  • Kubernetes Engine implements and manages your desired application configuration
  • Decouples operational, developmental concerns
  • Logging, health management, monitoring


Across development, testing, and production environments

Loose Coupling

Between application and operating system layers

Workload Migration

Simplified between on-premises and cloud environments


Agile development and operations

# Kubernetes Engine App Engine Flexible App Engine Standard
1 Language support Any Any Java, Python, Go, PHP
2 Service model Hybrid PaaS PaaS
3 Primary use case Container-based workloads Web and mobile applications, container-based workloads Web and mobile applications