UX/UI Design


User experience (UX) is heavily research-focused. The UX process starts with recognizing problems and understanding the “why” of what is being developed. The target audience is identified, and research is done and hypotheses made in order to determine how to maximize the user’s experience with the product and make it the most enjoyable it can be.

User interface (UI) refers to the technical aspect of design and development—that is, card sorting, flow maps, wireframes, testing, mockups, and prototyping. UI design determines how everything looks and feels and creates the building blocks of a program or application.

We treat designing your website as the construction of your dream home. First the plan is drawn, then proper research is done, and the most skilled team is put together before the execution of our services. We excel in all stages involved be it website designing, developing, hosting or online marketing. There is no need to go for different web design companies.

At Solware, we specialize in flawless UX/UI design, employing emotional design, customer journey management, and a 12-week concept-to-product framework that has proven successful for countless organizations across the nation.

Besides using the last technology with skilled developers, our team adds creativity to the designing for giving it proper life.Our team has the necessary expertise, as well related experience in successfully delivering several web designing projects.

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